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* Added the ability to customize the order for specific types of inputs. This is configured on a type basis and if a type is not found it willfall back to the default order as defined by @@inline_order
* Added :first as a new rendering choice for the errors on each input
* Added custom_inline_order to allow inline ordering per input type
+ * Added the ability to override the generator templates in Rails 3
* Fixes
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* Fixed that 'required' classes and logic were not being applied to :check_boxes and :radio inputs
* Fixed CSS bugs around Firefox's quirks with form elements that resulted in overflow/scroll bar issues
* Fixed that errors on fields with association were not marking the wrapping tag with the error class
+ * Fixed CSS where FF was displaying extra scroll bars on .check_boxes and .radio inputs (and the choices within them)
* Changes
* Changed that we were defaulting to a :select input for columns ending in _id, instead of columns with an appropriate associations

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