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CHANGELOG catch-up in preparation for 1.2.0.beta

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-* Added custom_inline_order to allow inline ordering per input type
+* New Stuff
+ * Added support for Paperclip's questionable use of multiple error keys on a single attribute, so errors on Paperclip :file inputs Just Work
+ * Added ability for the error and hint class to be overridden with :hint_class and :error_class, and configurable defaults app-wide
+ * Added basic support for multiple forms in the same document by allowing the element ids to be prefixed with the :namespace option on semantic_form_for
+ * Added a fallback to Rails' helpers.label key if Formtastic label translation are not found
+ * Added support for default_text_area_width
+ * Added support for #persisted? over #new_record? (ActiveModel)
+ * Added the 'required' logic to attributes with validates_inclusion_of validation, in addition to validates_presence_of
+ * Added new HTML5 :as => :email input (Rails 3)
+ * Added new HTML5 :as => :phone input (Rails 3)
+ * Added new HTML5 :as => :search input (Rails 3)
+ * Added new HTML5 :as => :url input (Rails 3)
+ * Added the ability for the :collection option to accept a string of HTML (like the output from grouped_options_for_select), rather than just Arrays, Hashes, collections, etc.
+ * Added the ability to set your own form class, instead of 'formtastic'
+ * Added maxlength attributes to inputs if it can be determined via the ValidationReflection plugin or ActiveModel validation reflections
+ * Added the ability to override the form class (Post => "post") through an :as option on semantic_form_for option
+ * Added the ability to customize the order for specific types of inputs. This is configured on a type basis and if a type is not found it willfall back to the default order as defined by @@inline_order
+ * Added :first as a new rendering choice for the errors on each input
+ * Added custom_inline_order to allow inline ordering per input type
+* Fixes
+ * Fixed invalid HTML generated by Rails' hidden inputs on checkboxes (by rendering our own hidden tag in a more deliberate place)
+ * Fixed a bunch of invalid i18n key defaults
+ * Fixed that 'required' classes and logic were not being applied to :check_boxes and :radio inputs
+ * Fixed CSS bugs around Firefox's quirks with form elements that resulted in overflow/scroll bar issues
+* Changes
+ * Changed that we were defaulting to a :select input for columns ending in _id, instead of columns with an appropriate associations
+ * Deprecated a bunch of aliased method names that should no longer be used
+ * Removed deprecated :selected, :checked and :default options
+ * Changed the width styling for string, numeric, password and other basic inputs, defaults to 75% unless the size attribute is present
+ * Changed string, numeric, password and other basic inputs' default text field size config to nil instead of 50, meaning the size attribute will be ommitted from most inputs, makeing styling easier, and custom sizes with the size attribute more deliberate
+ * Changed string, numeric, password and other basic inputs to no longer add the size attribute based on column information (the default config is applied, unless it's nil)
+ * Changed text input css behaviour updated to be similar to string etc
+ * Changed text inputs to no longer include a default cols attribute, specify it with :input_html if you need it, but the value we were using was useless... also beefed up spec coverage
+ * Removed :label calls from the generated ERB in the form generator (i18n is preferred)
+ * Changed that :select inputs for HABTM associations would ignore the :include_blank option
+ * Changed the default method on collections from Model.find(:all) to Model.all
+ * Removed the deprecated formtastic_stylesheets generator
+ * Changed the minimum Rails version to 2.3.7, which the earliest version which the specs pass with
+ * Changed :password inputs to be sized by percentage (like other string-ish inputs), rather then em-based

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Add in Fixes

  • Fixed that errors on fields with association were not marking the wrapping tag with the error class.

Done in c063c7c.

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