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updated the README a little with contributors and some other busy work

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@@ -71,9 +71,6 @@ h2. Status
It's incredibly opinionated, incomplete, a work in progress, messy around the edges, messy in the middle too, tightly coupled to the database, tightly coupled to "my way" of doing things and also incredibly lacking in unit tests so far, but I hope you try it and offer some suggestions and improvements any way.
-* Github:
-* Justin's Weblog:
h2. Roadmap
@@ -169,4 +166,15 @@ I really hope the plugin will soon be clean and extensible enough to invite othe
+h2. Contributors
+* Justin French
+* Xavier Shay
+h2. Project Info
+Formtastic is hosted on Github:, where you contributions are greatly welcomed.
Copyright (c) 2007 Justin French, released under the MIT license.

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