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…d perform_browser_validations
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phillipp committed Jun 9, 2012
1 parent 7aee923 commit be44e049130cdf30842cd37603699b332d126365
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@@ -67,10 +67,10 @@
# Formtastic::Helpers::FormHelper.builder = MyCustomBuilder
# You can opt-in to Formtastic's use of the HTML5 `required` attribute on `<input>`, `<select>`
-# and `<textarea>` tags by setting this to false (defaults to true).
-# Formtastic::FormBuilder.use_required_attribute = true
+# and `<textarea>` tags by setting this to true (defaults to false).
+# Formtastic::FormBuilder.use_required_attribute = false
# You can opt-in to new HTML5 browser validations (for things like email and url inputs) by setting
-# this to false. Doing so will add a `novalidate` attribute to the `<form>` tag.
+# this to true. Doing so will add a `novalidate` attribute to the `<form>` tag.

jibiel Jul 3, 2014

There's still another fix to be done. 🐌

Doing so will remove a novalidate attribute from the <form> tag.

# See for more info.
# Formtastic::FormBuilder.perform_browser_validations = true

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