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See below for installation of a development environment.
-h2. Maintainers & Contributors
-Formtastic is maintained by "Justin French":, "Morton Jonuschat": and "Gabriel Sobrinho": "Denis Major": is doing some amazing documentation work in the wiki, and we very much appreciate the past efforts of "José Valim": and "Jonas Grimfelt": and over 40 other contributors.
-@git shortlog -n -s --no-merges@
h2. Google Group, Twitter, etc
Please join the "Formtastic Google Group":, especially if you'd like to talk about a new feature, or report a bug.
You can also "follow @formtastic on Twitter": for announcements, tutorials and awesome Formtastic links.
h2. Project Info
-Formtastic is hosted on Github: "":, where your contributions, forkings, comments and feedback are greatly welcomed.
+Formtastic was created by "Justin French": with contributions from over 100 awesome developers.
+Run @git shortlog -n -s@ to see the awesome.
+The project is hosted on Github: "":, where your contributions, forkings, comments, issues and feedback are greatly welcomed.
Copyright (c) 2007-2010 Justin French, released under the MIT license.

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