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fix README typo

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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ h2. It's better than _SomeOtherFormBuilder_ because...
43 43 * it has internationalization (I18n)!
44 44 * it's _really_ quick to get started with a basic form in place (4 lines), then go back to add in more detail if you need it
45 45 * there's heaps of elements, id and class attributes for you to hook in your CSS and JS
46   -* it handles real world stuff line inline hints, inline error messages, help text
  46 +* it handles real world stuff like inline hints, inline error messages & help text
47 47 * it doesn't hijack or change any of the standard Rails form inputs, so you can still use them as expected (even mix and match)
48 48 * it's got absolutely awesome spec coverage
49 49 * there's a bunch of people using and working on it (it's not just one developer building half a solution)

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