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base fork: justinfrench/formtastic
head fork: justinfrench/formtastic
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Commits on Apr 06, 2014
@justinfrench Merge branch 'master' into drop-rails-30-and-31
@justinfrench bump actionpack dependency to 3.2.13 716b43c
@justinfrench bump version 309600f
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1016 from justinfrench/whitelist-boolean-label-ht…

Whitelist only `for` and `class` attributes on BooleanInput label.
@zamith zamith Configure model class through a proc eb97ac8
Commits on Apr 09, 2014
@sobrinho sobrinho Merge pull request #986 from groupbuddies/master
Allows to disable model infered class from form
Commits on Apr 10, 2014
@justinfrench bump version to 2.3.0.rc3 54c84f0
Commits on Apr 11, 2014
@justinfrench add failing spec and fix rails version check e0ff956
@justinfrench use Gem::Version for all version checks a76049d
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1023 from justinfrench/fix-rails-version-detection
Fix rails version detection
@justinfrench ensure only one hidden input in rails >= 3.2.13 d846e1b
@justinfrench improve deprecation message and add TODO a3566f3
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1020 from justinfrench/fix-multiple-hidden-fields-2
Ensure only one hidden input in rails >= 3.2.13
@justinfrench update CHANGELOG 9d0fc00
Commits on Apr 12, 2014
@justinfrench only check for deprecated rails if Rails is defined 6aa9639
@justinfrench no longer have to check for Rails here 79329c8
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1022 from justinfrench/prep-2.3.0.rc3
Prep for version to 2.3.0.rc3
@justinfrench Merge branch 'master' into require-ruby-193
@justinfrench Merge branch 'master' into drop-rails-30-and-31 22be726
@justinfrench remove unneccessary hidden input bcb3639
@justinfrench deprecate rails < 4.0.4 ded7bdf
@justinfrench remove deprecated date, time and datetime inputs 6f0d09e
@justinfrench remove deprecated :error_class option c0ab55e
@justinfrench remove deprecated :hint_class option e59122f
@justinfrench remove deprecated :find_options option b7baea3
@justinfrench remove deprecated :value option 5495999
@justinfrench remove deprecated :group_by and :group_label options 01cbc28
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1024 from justinfrench/deprecate-old-timeish-inputs
Remove deprecated date, time and datetime inputs
@justinfrench Merge pull request #949 from justinfrench/require-ruby-193
Require Ruby >= 1.9.3
@justinfrench Merge pull request #950 from justinfrench/drop-rails-30-and-31
Drop support for Rails < 3.2.13
@justinfrench the Hash we send to scoped() and where() are strucutred differently 2183e98
Commits on Apr 13, 2014
@justinfrench Merge branch 'master' into remove-deprecated-options-for-3-0 57135bf
@justinfrench simplify build matrix, i think we can allow failures this way 95fc6ae
@justinfrench add language key to .travis.yml 276f6f3
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1026 from justinfrench/simply-travis-matrix
Simply Travis matrix
@justinfrench Exclude Ruby 2.1 from allowed build failures 6283caf
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1027 from justinfrench/fail-build-on-ruby-2-1
Exclude Ruby 2.1 from allowed build failures
Commits on Apr 19, 2014
@justinfrench add docs browser support of datetime and datetime-local 7bf791a
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1029 from justinfrench/document-datetime
Add docs browser support of datetime and datetime-local
Commits on Apr 20, 2014
@justinfrench Revert "Support empty Time inputs"
This reverts commit 617ef95.



See #901 for further information.
Commits on Apr 22, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1030 from justinfrench/901-time-select-params
Revert "Support empty Time inputs"
@justinfrench basic patch and spec for #992 dbcd8ab
Commits on Apr 23, 2014
@justinfrench stub out the conditional method on the post 4396032
@justinfrench beef up specs for all known cases 47488f6
Commits on May 05, 2014
@justinfrench we seem to need bundler exec to run in Travis now 9afc7af
@justinfrench Try Ruby 2.1 instead of 2.1.0 or 2.1.1
This was suggested due to a bug in travis-ci/travis-ci#2220
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1035 from justinfrench/fix-travis
Fix Travis
@dmitry dmitry render label on checkbox hidden_fields: true 46d969a
Commits on May 07, 2014
@elia elia Rails eager_load guarantees classes are loaded
Rails cache_classes config doesn't, but probably older Rails' have no eager_load config.
Commits on May 13, 2014
@pipt pipt Add support for :as => :color to input fields.
This is straightforward for Rails 4, but for Rails 3 we have to patch
a color_field helper in to ActionView as it was only introduced in Rails 4.
Commits on Jun 04, 2014
@rrrene rrrene Update docs badge in README
Update the URL of the docs badge to include it from instead of (the former being the successor of the Inch Pages project).
Commits on Jun 06, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1042 from rrrene/patch-3
Update docs badge in README
Commits on Jun 10, 2014
@mikz mikz Add support for namespaced input classes aef91a8
@mikz mikz get right input class when inheriting form builders
* this unfortunately does not work on Ruby 1.8
  when cache_classes is on
Commits on Jun 11, 2014
@mikz mikz extract class finding logic to own class f027414
@mikz mikz allow creation of custom actions d41d05c
@mikz mikz temporarily pass caller to deprecation messages 71118ab
@mikz mikz replace deprecated mock with double dff7e33
@mikz mikz fix one internal test of caching input classes in builder 8518902
@mikz mikz split ClassFinder to three classes & change API to be instance level b7a4323
@mikz mikz Use Ruby 2.1.1 on travis instead of 2.1.0 db545a2
@mikz mikz extract namespace decision to action/input finder from helper 6dfdb97
@vjt vjt Make Inputs and Actions namespaces configurable 717850c
@vjt vjt Minor cleanup c3caf11
@vjt vjt Speed up resolution by choosing the finder at load time 59f7a6b
@vjt vjt Make Class finder API more readable, fix specs
You would expect that a Finder exposes a public .find() method,
don't you? :-).

Also, move class name definition out of the public scope.
@vjt vjt Code documentation e761290
@vjt vjt Add the new options to the generator template 47427c1
@vjt vjt Whitespace & Fix typo 9f76b5d
Commits on Jul 05, 2014
@ktaragorn ktaragorn Fix country_input to recommend good gem
This fixes the lack of sync betw. README and actual behavior
Fixes #1048
Currently README requires one gem, but actual exception recommends another
@ktaragorn ktaragorn Create an input which generates a datalist tag
Create an input which supports
Used as follows
f.input :fieldname, as: datalist, collection: ["list", "of", "items"]
collection option accepts all formats supported by rails' options_for_select
@ktaragorn ktaragorn Add documentation for datalist input
Add an example in README
Fix scope of DatalistInput class
Add documentation for DatalistInput class
Minor fix for file_input documentation
@ktaragorn ktaragorn Add tests for datalist input
Add tests for both kinds of collections that can be provided
Add more generic helpers in custom_macros, which can be better reused
Add datalist input to autoload list
@ktaragorn ktaragorn Remove invalid TODO b89742a
Commits on Jul 16, 2014
@marnen marnen Don’t render an ID if wrapper_html[:id] is nil. fb97160
Commits on Jul 26, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1054 from marnen/remove-id-if-nil
Don’t render an `id`attribute on the wrapper if it's been deliberately set to nil.
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1049 from ktaragorn/patch-1
Fix country_input to recommend good gem
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1037 from elia/patch-1
Rails eager_load guarantees classes are loaded
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1036 from dmitry/display_label_on_check_box_hidde…

Render label on checkbox hidden_fields: true
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1032 from justinfrench/992-validation-conditional
Fix argument error on conditional validations for instance methods
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1025 from justinfrench/remove-deprecated-options-…

Remove deprecated options for v3.0
@justinfrench Merge branch 'master' into prep-3.0.0.rc
@justinfrench Merge branch 'master' of into maximc…
@justinfrench add spec coverage c8b6d37
@justinfrench Merge branch 'maximchick-master' 857e32c
@roshats roshats Use semantic_form_for :as option as resource_name 5aeb4c4
@roshats roshats Add an unused key for regression test 9d2cdaa
@pipt pipt Raise an error when used in Rails 3.
Rather than patching a color_field method in to ActionView.
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1039 from pipt/color-input
Add support for :as => :color to input fields.
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1033 from SoftSwiss/submit_tag_i18n_key
Use semantic_form_for :as option as i18n key when provided.
Commits on Aug 12, 2014
@justinfrench add upgrade and compatibility notes to README for country select for #… 1388d8d
@justinfrench add country_select 2.x syntax to CountryInput docs for #1060 8dcdbee
@justinfrench point country_select docs to the right reference gem for #1080 c34150c
@justinfrench add compatibility and upgrade notes for country_select 2.x for #1060 bbb9ff9
@justinfrench fix typo 4859702
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1061 from justinfrench/note-country-select-compat…

Note country_select compatibility issues
Commits on Aug 13, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1021 from justinfrench/prep-3.0.0.rc
Prep for 3.0.0.rc
@justinfrench clean-up some dependency warnings when generating gem 87aa902
@justinfrench rely on 2.3-stable branch for CHANGELOG archive 5ae45de
@justinfrench tzinfo had issues on Travis 9a2d744
@justinfrench CHANGELOG for 3.0.0.rc 7e33fcd
Commits on Aug 14, 2014
@ktaragorn ktaragorn Improve intent of the regex used to strip out _id, and other PR fixes 6eafa40
@mikz mikz Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into configurable-name…

@mikz mikz Revert "Use Ruby 2.1.1 on travis instead of 2.1.0"
This reverts commit db545a2.
@mikz mikz simplify defining custom namespaces in form builder
* do not allow blocks
* defaults are defined in form builder
@twalpole twalpole update appriasal tasks setup and link to github repositories for rail…
…s edge
@mikz mikz Fix custom_namespace synchronization issues
* do not modify class variables when rendering form
* use options to pass custom namespace
* do not interfere with `fields_for` :namespace option
* introduce builder.dom_id_namespace (because thats what it actually is)
@twalpole twalpole add rails 4.1 to testing 6934f18
Commits on Aug 15, 2014
@mikz mikz fix case when parent builder is self f5f0c5f
@mikz mikz try to fix custom namespace test by reverting change e3d8e23
Commits on Aug 17, 2014
@timoschilling timoschilling fix CHANGELOG
#1025 removed the `:value` option, not the `:input_html => { :value => '...'}` option
@timoschilling timoschilling remove rails < 3.1 stylesheet doc from readme
rails < 3.2 is deprecated, old assed installation is no longer needed
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1067 from timoschilling/patch-2
remove rails < 3.1 stylesheet doc from readme
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1066 from timoschilling/patch-1
fix CHANGELOG for value option
@justinfrench add ROADMAP file to track deprecations f983064
@justinfrench rename to DEPRECATIONS 5fe95bb
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1068 from justinfrench/roadmap
Commits on Aug 18, 2014
@mikz mikz cleanup docs and unused code 12bdbdf
Commits on Aug 19, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1065 from mikz/fix-custom-namespace
Fix custom_namespace synchronization issues
@mikz mikz Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into configurable-name…
Commits on Aug 22, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1064 from twalpole/travis_failures
Update CI set-up for Rails 4.1 and unreleased Rails edge gems.
@justinfrench fix wrong version of Rails in 4.1 appraisal ref #1064 8fd9803
@justinfrench we might as well deprecate Rails 4.0 with 5 on the way 0b789ce
@justinfrench Deprecate Rails < 4.1 3e4fae0
Commits on Aug 23, 2014
@twalpole twalpole gem updates and mock additions needed to get the tests to pass on edg…
…e rails
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1071 from twalpole/rails_edge_errors
gem updates and mock additions needed to get tests running on edge rails
Commits on Aug 26, 2014
@mikz mikz make class finders configurable cddeae2
@mikz mikz more defensive checking for rails cache classes config 24b70b3
Commits on Sep 01, 2014
@justinfrench Only write generic form inoput to output_buffer when needed.
This keeps it clean for other tests to ensure no false positives.
@justinfrench add failing test for 1 == '0' comparison 7786813
@justinfrench fix bug by ensuring we're comparing Integers 5e3cc47
Commits on Sep 02, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1073 from justinfrench/1072-boolean-integer-bug
Fix boolean integer bug
Commits on Sep 06, 2014
@justinfrench add Rails 4.2.0.beta1 to build for master
cherry-picked from 3.0-stable
@justinfrench Revert "add Rails 4.2.0.beta1 to build for master"
This reverts commit c17d247.
@justinfrench CHANGELOG catch-up 717469e
@justinfrench change VERSION in master to 3.1.0.pre a5613e4
@justinfrench update README to reflect the 3.0.0 release b2955db
@justinfrench address rspec deprecation warnings fixes #1076 699ec26
Commits on Sep 09, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1077 from justinfrench/fix-rspec-deprecations
Address rspec deprecation warnings fixes #1076
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1051 from ktaragorn/datalist_input
Add a new DatalistInput (:as => :datalist)
@justinfrench CHANGELOG ccd5df5
Commits on Sep 11, 2014
@mikz mikz revert old methods and use namespaced class finding only when configured 070950e
@mikz mikz add deprecations and turn off input and action class finders f7ec513
@mikz mikz enable class finders in newly generated apps a74296a
@mikz mikz run input and action helper spec twice
* once with class finders
* once deprecated finders
@mikz mikz use __method__ instead of explicit method name d55fb39
Commits on Sep 25, 2014
@timoschilling timoschilling add a note to formtastic_i18n gem in readme bddc246
Commits on Oct 02, 2014
@mikz mikz add a Formtastic::Deprecation for Rails 3 compatibility cdd5962
Commits on Oct 06, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1079 from timoschilling/patch-1
add a note to formtastic_i18n gem in readme
Commits on Oct 09, 2014
@timoschilling timoschilling fix indent of available input styles 07bffb5
@timoschilling timoschilling Update input_helper.rb
It's faster to don't check the type!
```ruby do |x|
  [:foo, "bar"].each do |method|"with check and type #{method.class}:")    { 100_000.times { method.to_sym if method.is_a?(String) } }"without check and type #{method.class}:") { 100_000.times { method.to_sym } }
                                     user     system      total        real
with check and type Symbol:      0.010000   0.000000   0.010000 (  0.011005)
without check and type Symbol:   0.010000   0.000000   0.010000 (  0.007977)
with check and type String:      0.020000   0.000000   0.020000 (  0.017717)
without check and type String:   0.010000   0.000000   0.010000 (  0.012937)

`Symbol#to_sym` is just a `return self`, `Object#is_a?` is quite more!
@timoschilling timoschilling change collections.rb
`raw_collection.is_a?(String)` covers the same as `raw_collection.instance_of?(String) || raw_collection.instance_of?(ActiveSupport::SafeBuffer)`
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1082 from timoschilling/patch-2
fix indent of available input styles
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1081 from timoschilling/patch-1
Update collections.rb
@timoschilling timoschilling config rspec filters 5d9dc22
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1083 from timoschilling/patch-3
It's faster to call Symbol#to_sym than Object#is_a?
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1084 from timoschilling/spec_focus
Add rspec filters config
Commits on Oct 21, 2014
@justinfrench silence Rails 5 deprecation we're okay with, see #1080 566122f
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1087 from justinfrench/1080-silence-deprecation
silence Rails 5 deprecation we're okay with, see #1080
Commits on Oct 27, 2014
@justinfrench CHANGELOG updates 6d9a4ea
Commits on Oct 31, 2014
@justinfrench add Rails 4.2 (beta4) to build efee15e
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1088 from justinfrench/starting-testing-rails-4.2…

Add Rails 4.2 (beta4) to build
Commits on Nov 01, 2014
@mikz mikz cleanup & documentation 657423e
@mikz mikz Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into configurable-name…
Commits on Nov 04, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1063 from mikz/configurable-namespaced-inputs
Add configurable namespaces for custom inputs
@justinfrench update CHANGELOG 82adab3
@justinfrench bump version to 3.1.0.rc1 badcf2b
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1091 from justinfrench/prep-3.1.0.rc1
Prep & release 3.1.0.rc1
Commits on Nov 05, 2014
@justinfrench document Model.pluck usage in :collection option 85637dd
@justinfrench deprecate :member_label and :member_value 9f96954
@justinfrench tweak deprecation message 42d8467
@justinfrench silence deprecation warnings for :member_value and :member_label in s…
…pec suite
@justinfrench update DEPRECATIONS 554a78a
@mikz mikz silence expected deprecation warnings 498e730
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1093 from mikz/silent-deprecation-logging
silence expected deprecation warnings introduced in #1063
Commits on Nov 06, 2014
@timoschilling timoschilling simplify wrapper_classes_raw
classes = nil
# => []
classes = "foo"
# => ["foo"]
classes = ["foo", "bar"]
# => ["foo", "bar"]
Commits on Nov 07, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1094 from justinfrench/deprecate-member-label-value
Deprecate :member_label and :member_value options
@justinfrench version bump to 3.1.0.rc2 3803f0b
@justinfrench update CHANGELOG c7bca4b
@justinfrench correct and simplify compatibility in README 94ce355
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1096 from timoschilling/simplify_wrapper_classes_raw
simplify wrapper_classes_raw
Commits on Nov 08, 2014
@justinfrench derive collection from enum if declared for the method 7da9f44
@justinfrench use wrapper EnumOption objects intead of arrays (better comparison) b2d6381
Commits on Nov 09, 2014
@justinfrench default to SelectInput for enum columns f05ccd1
@justinfrench ensure that the right option is marked as selected/checked for enum c…
@justinfrench no need for EnumOption class, the problem isn't that complex 2a6d499
@justinfrench enum options can now be translated with i18n c6371d9
@justinfrench add docs to SelectInput f99d229
Commits on Nov 15, 2014
@justinfrench extract collection_from_enum? 92f0638
@justinfrench raise an error whn trying to use enum on CheckBoxesInput (no multi-ch…
@justinfrench shift into a 'single choice' context ee6fdc4
@justinfrench raise an error for enum on multi-select f6d99e8
@justinfrench add coverage of RadioInput support for enum 8d08fd1
@justinfrench add documentation for enum on select and radio inputs 822b04d
Commits on Nov 16, 2014
@justinfrench version bump to 3.1.0 final e0bf8de
@justinfrench CHANGELOG update 1c94331
@justinfrench let's try indenting the CHANGELOG 755fe28
@justinfrench fix stubs: Post#statuses should have been Post.statuses 39f3354
Commits on Nov 17, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1098 from justinfrench/enum-collections
Add support for ActiveRecord `enum` attributes
Commits on Nov 21, 2014
@mikz mikz make documetation generate again
* prevents exceptions when generating shell examples
* prevents exception when defining @option on a module
* use latest yard
* replace rdoc in rakefile
@mikz mikz change :nodoc: to @private fdf2339
@mikz mikz generate doc for configuration options 5b705fa
@mikz mikz improve documentation of namespaced class inputs b0d57c1
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1101 from mikz/improve-namespaces-docs
Improve documentation
@mikz mikz add links to upgrade guide to deprecation notice 320b2f3
@gdott9 gdott9 Use `eager_load` instead of `cache_classes`
In `formtastic/helpers/input_helper.rb`, `eager_load` is used to
determine if `const_defined?` should be used.
With `cache_classes = true`, classes are still not loaded at startup, so
some inputs may not be loaded.
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1100 from gdott9/namespaced_class_finder
Use `eager_load` instead of `cache_classes` in `NamespacedClassFinder`
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1102 from mikz/link-to-upgrade-guide
add links to upgrade guide to deprecation notice
Commits on Nov 22, 2014
@mikz mikz add CHANGELOG for 3.1.1 a318190
@justinfrench bump version to 3.1.1 7af8d52
@justinfrench Bump version in master to 3.2.0.pre 05c7990
@justinfrench update DEPRECATIONS 822b8f2
Commits on Nov 24, 2014
@timoschilling timoschilling refector version compaireing 73bc907
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1111 from timoschilling/dependency_compaire
Refactor the way we do Rails version comparisons
@justinfrench extract minimum rails version out to a method and use that in depreca…
…tion warning
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1112 from justinfrench/fix-rails-deprecation-version
Fix incorrect Rails version in deprecation notice
@justinfrench CHANGELOG update 42196e9
Commits on Nov 25, 2014
@gdott9 gdott9 Use `defined_enums` to fetch collection from enum
By using `defined_enums` instead of `.send(pluralized_method)`, only one
method is needed to implement enum support with form objects.
Commits on Nov 26, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1113 from gdott9/defined_enums
Add support for Reform gem
We've done this by relying only on `defined_enums` Hash for enum collections, instead of dynamically defined class methods like Post.statuses.
Commits on Dec 04, 2014
@bensaunders bensaunders Fix typos in config file template ba518f4
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1114 from bensaunders/master
Fix typos in config file template
Commits on Dec 10, 2014
@justinfrench Don't apply string placeholders if unneccessary
Avoids "too many arguments for format string" when `$DEBUG`
is true and the string isn't expecting a placeholder.

Couldn't find a neat way to write a spec for this.

Fixes #1090
Commits on Dec 11, 2014
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1116 from justinfrench/1090-too-many-arguments-de…

Don't apply string placeholders to legends if unneccessary
Commits on Dec 22, 2014
@oliverklee oliverklee [TASK] Configure Travis for better build performance
* set sudo: false to allow usage of their new container-based infrastructure
* enable bundler caching
* drop the bundler and gem update as the current Travis is okay
Commits on Jan 05, 2015
@justinfrench break into multiple lines 7643a1d
@justinfrench silence a deprecation we're okay with, see #1080 & #1117 cd05665
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1119 from braingourmets/task/travis-performance
Configure Travis for better build performance
Commits on Jan 08, 2015
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1120 from justinfrench/1117-silence-deprecation
Silence deprecation we're okay with
Commits on Feb 28, 2015
@sharshenov sharshenov Make skipped columns array customizable d3814b4
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1133 from sharshenov/customizable-skipped-columns
Make skipped columns array customizable
Commits on Mar 09, 2015
@maxd maxd Remove incorrect commas in examples 06f3bc7
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1136 from maxd/master
Remove incorrect commas in examples
Commits on May 21, 2015
@gwincr11 gwincr11 Checkboxes with collection syntax
This commit resolves #1125 .
I placed a check to see if the array item is an active record
asset. If it is I get it's id, this properly creates an
array of id numbers to check against.

Warning, I could not get the tests to run on my computer.
@gwincr11 gwincr11 Checkboxes HABTM Collection
This commit resolves #1125 .

Added a check in make_selected_values that
reverts to an id if nil is returned from the
value methor and the object responds to

Seems a little naive but I do not know all the use
Commits on May 26, 2015
@gwincr11 gwincr11 unit test collection in habtm situation 2939168
Commits on Jun 04, 2015
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1148 from gwincr11/checkbox-selected
Fixes bug in checkboxes input with `:collection` syntax
Commits on Jun 18, 2015
@markedmondson markedmondson Update helpers.rb
There is no such labels_helper
Commits on Jun 19, 2015
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1153 from markedmondson/patch-1
Remove autoload of LabelHelper which doesn't exist
Commits on Jun 29, 2015
@dominic dominic Correct `novalidate` configuration descriptions 8b7bc37
Commits on Jun 30, 2015
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1155 from dominic/update-novalidate-docs
Correct `novalidate` configuration descriptions
Commits on Jul 09, 2015
@st0012 st0012 Add basic readonly attribute detection 364edbf
Commits on Jul 10, 2015
@st0012 st0012 Basic functionality done 00ce200
@st0012 st0012 WIP: Adding spec to auto-readonly feature c451536
@st0012 st0012 Readonly tests done 65068a3
@st0012 st0012 Fixed other spec a394f38
@st0012 st0012 Refactored readonly? method dc09945
@st0012 st0012 Add doc for auto readonly feature 5cfbd90
Commits on Jul 13, 2015
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1158 from st0012/auto-readonly
Add readonly HTML attributes
These are automatically added to fields that are marked as `attr_readonly` in the model.
Commits on Jul 21, 2015
@st0012 st0012 Fixing nil column issue 5aec5c6
@justinfrench Merge pull request #1162 from st0012/auto-readonly
Fix #1161 by checking for column