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Make :include_blank => true default on :as => :select #12

josevalim opened this Issue · 8 comments

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implemented in ff010d6


Seems like :include_blank => false does nothing now. Anyone else getting that?


Strange. The specs seem to suggest that this is working fine, so I'll have to get some code together to check for sure. The specs start line 1518 on master if you want to take a sniff around.


Actually, are you on master, or the 020 gem? I think there was a few fixes in master that haven't pushed out to a gem yet.


On the 020 gem. Sorry for the confusion.


Ok, can you please try 0.2.1, I'm pretty sure this was fixed by José in 0db1251, if not, please gist me a short test case so that I can try to reproduce and fix.


Works great with the 0.2.1 gem!



This issue was closed.
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