Support start_date/end_date and start_time/end_time in datetime fields #13

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I don't remember why I created this ticket anymore. :D
Anyway, if you want to limit the date, i.e., the year, just supply :start_year, :end_year.


This was the original discussion on the group:

Re-opening until I have time to play with this.


Ok, I think the arg names got mixed up. This works fine:

f.input :created_at, :as => :date, :start_year => - 100, :end_year => + 100

Closing this off.


@justinfrench This continue working? Because I tried with date_select and date_picker and the start_year and end_year params don't seem to work.


@MaicolBen can you open a new issue with as much detail as possible about what's happening (or not happening) for you?

This issue was closed.
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