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select as :date with descard_xxx #142

ysorigin opened this Issue Nov 28, 2009 · 1 comment

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When I added :discard_month or :discard_day, builder also generate html hidden field for them:

<%= form.input :birth_year, :as => :date, :start_year => 1950, :discard_month => true, :discard_day => true, :input_html => {:name => "birth_year", :name => "birth_year",:class => "required"}%>

The generated HTML code:

<input id="video_birth_year_2i" type="hidden" value="1" name="video[birth_year(2i)]"/>
<input id="video_birth_year_3i" type="hidden" value="1" name="video[birth_year(3i)]"/>

Then I can't add attr(birth_year(2i),birth_year(3i)) to model to make the submit successful..what should i do ?

The source code:
if options[:"discard_#{input}"]
break if time_inputs.include?(input)

      hidden_value = datetime.respond_to?(input) ? datetime.send(input.to_sym) : datetime
      hidden_fields_capture << template.hidden_field_tag("#{@object_name}[#{field_name}]", (hidden_value || 1), :id => input_id)

What is the purpose for the hidden field?


The hidden values are there because Rails expects the three-part date params to all be there. :discard_month means it will render a hidden input for the month "1" instead of a select box of options. This is also exactly what Rails does with date_select.

I don't think :as => :date should be your chosen input here. It looks like you just want to pass in a year, in which case a :select with a :collection of relevant years will do. Either way, this isn't a bug, so I'm closing it. Please discuss on the google group if need be.

This issue was closed.
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