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for 0.9.4 Undefined method content_columns for non activerecord subclassed models #143

kristopher opened this Issue · 7 comments

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When using formtastic with authlogic's UserSession class I am getting this error:

undefined method `content_columns' for UserSession:Class 

formtastic (0.9.4) rails/./lib/formtastic.rb:424:in `content_columns'
formtastic (0.9.4) rails/./lib/formtastic.rb:1125:in `field_set_and_list_wrapping'
formtastic (0.9.4) rails/./lib/formtastic.rb:272:in `inputs'


Weird, the rescue don't trap that one... =S

self.model_name.constantize.content_columns.collect { |c| }.compact rescue []

...haven't tried it myself yet, but as u running 0.9.4...


I can't reproduce this in a spec (did my own non-activerecord-dummie-class without any methods/attributes). Could you maybe?


It is erroring on line 424 which is not rescued. Try testing it again with a single attribute and pass an object to semantic_form_for

class Foo
  attr_accessor :attr

This works:

<% semantic_form_for(:foo, :url => '/' do |f| %>
  <%= f.inputs :attr %>
<% end %>

This errors:

<% semantic_form_for(, :url => '/' do |f| %>
  <%= f.inputs :attr %>
<% end %>

Which is expected since the symbol fails the conditional check on line formtastic.rb:423 and is rescued on line formtastic.rb:426. But when passed an object it passes the conditional check and gets the undefined method error since it is not rescued on line formtastic.rb:424.

Hope that helps.


Oh, peep the master version - this one is patched (actually more like refactored, but handles such errors with the line I dropped in the first reply) already for 0.9.5. Stay tuned.


Closing, could not reproduce in master.


Cool man, thanks for looking at it.

This issue was closed.
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