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customisation of day/month/year labels in date/time #145

justinfrench opened this Issue · 11 comments

4 participants


Add :labels option to date(_time)_select so you can override the day, month and year labels locally instead of via I18N.

Spotted in my forkqueue:

What do we think?


I'll let you club that, I remember you mentioned that you maybe wanted to remove the :label option in the future clean up the API? I'm more pro than con, but don't really got an opinion right now. =)


Is the patch solid? If so, I'd like to apply it, as it's a missing feature (under the assumption we're sticking with the current API, which we are).


The patch is good, but as already pointed, misses specs and docs.


I just spotted your comments, I will try to write the docs and specs for it somewhere this week.




Wasn't it formtastic?




Still looking for specs and docs, otherwise I'm closing.


specs and docs added. See (last two commits)


Awesome, tags updated. Will pull in soon.


This was pulled in, closing.

This issue was closed.
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