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label_str_method #148

justinfrench opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Per this thread on google:

Fix is here:

Was applied, then reverted, making a new issue since github's doesn't offer me the choice of re-opening, so here's a new issue some we can try again.

See 141 and 147


Ok, Sorry about all the issues with the previous patch :)

Here is a patch that should cover all use cases and keep the current tests intact while adding a new one for this issue.

I can't think of a use case where you would need to use translation via activerecord but still use label_str_method for non-activerecord objects. I assume if you rely on translation it would be for everything. So setting label_str_method overrides activerecord if changed from default.


Thanks! Applied! :)


Don't think so, looks like there is still a failure even with my change removed... Something changed however.


My bad, applied the patch without running specs, already fixed! :) Used with_config since the spec was changing config values.


I stand corrected :)
Note to self, run FULL spec suite before AND after any changes.


Yeah, that's why I added the with_config block... it was too easy to change a config value and break any specs that followed it.

This issue was closed.
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