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document :collection in README #181

timcharper opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I didn't want to use the default behavior for the select input, and it was difficult to find out how to override it :-) I had to trace in and find out manually how the options were being generated.

If there was a mention of the valid keys that you can specify with each input type (such as in the case of select, :collections) indent readme documentation, I think that would solve this learning impediment swimmingly!

Thank you very much for the plug in!



Thanks. Yes, there's lots of documentation issues to solve, the README is serving as the best place for this stuff right now, until we have better rdocs (separate issue). I'll rename this issue to "document :collection in the README" for now, because that's something we can actually achieve.


And this was resolved mid-March with a92cf7c. Closing.

This issue was closed.
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