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Child index vs. inputs block #33

julian7 opened this Issue Aug 11, 2009 · 5 comments

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julian7 commented Aug 11, 2009

In the doc, the only way to interpolate through has_many with child index numbering is to use <generator>.inputs :for => <scope>. However, it doesn't accept blocks, eg. only the most basic solution is supported.

I'd like to give block to .inputs to hand-craft the form, but I'd like to use child index numbering as well. For the first half, I have to use <generator>.semantic_fields_for, but it doesn't set params[:parent] implicitly. However, this setting is a requirement for calling parent_child_index (obviously).

Maybe params[:parent] could be transferred in formbuilder's options somehow to the child scope.


.inputs :for => with block should work. Only to notes:

1) Remember to not use the equal sign (=) in your ERB (<%=) since you are giving a problem;
2) Some people already related issues with haml.

Which one are you using?

julian7 commented Aug 12, 2009

Well yes, I'm using haml. Sadly my devel environment (which is in a colinux host) is not accessible when I'm using Cisco VPN, but I'll be able to check it tomorrow.

Hmm I see, .inputs :for => gives a new scope in proc parameter. Is it documented?


Yes, it's documented. If you don't give the new proc scope, an error should be raised.

julian7 commented Aug 18, 2009

OK, I tested it, and it was an user error. I haven't noticed any issues with haml, by the way.

After a few hours of play it turned out this is not good for my problem (eg. numbering of sub-forms in a has_many environment).


Thanks for replying! I will close this one, feel free to re-open or open another ticket if you find another issue.

This issue was closed.
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