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benschwarz commented Aug 12, 2009

When using f.input :foo, :as => :text I get what I'd expect, a text area.
However when using f.inputs :foo, :bar, :as => :text, I'd expect:


A) A text area
B) An error to say it won't cast both :foo and :bar as a text area (Why though?)


justinfrench commented Aug 12, 2009

it needs to do "B" or nothing (at least for now), because there's a bunch of input() options that don't make sense on inputs()

or "C": do nothing, which is still viable IMHO because the options you're trying to use on inputs aren't documented to work anywhere, right?

in general, inputs() is supposed to be a shortcut/shorthand to get you something quickly, not a realistic tool for the end result

will happily accept a patch for better documentation, or perhaps raising for unknown args (although I hate maintaining that sort of code), but I'm in no serious hurry on this... tagging with 1.x for now


justinfrench commented Jan 9, 2010

closing, there's only been one complaint, no patch, no time

This issue was closed.

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