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Localized fieldset labels #40

grimen opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Jonas Grimfelt Justin French José Valim
Jonas Grimfelt mentioned in mailing-list:

Localized fieldset labels, and alias :title for :name - incl. specs:

Reason for this is that localization of form fieldset titles belong to the same domain as form labels/hints I believe, and should be treatened the same way - feels very natural. Next natural step would be localized button labels too, but I had some design issues with that as the current implementation of form buttons/actions in Formtastic is not very scalable (as discussed in the mailing-list, i.e. commit/cancel etc.) - therefore I choose not to touch that until we got a solution on "the button issue".

Justin French

Can you please harass José to review/apply this?

Jonas Grimfelt

Sure =)

José Valim

For me it looks good! But it does not apply, could you please rebase Grimen?

Jonas Grimfelt


José Valim

Grimen, you just merged, right? You should have rebased, because the change would be applied to the commit and not on top of your fork (I'm cherry picking because I won't merge everything on your fork). You can try reverting the merge, opening a new branch and rebasing with justinfrench/formtastic.

Or you can create a new branch from justinfrench/formtastic and apply the patch from scratch.

Jonas Grimfelt

Hmm...yes, sloppy of me. I'll look into it tonight then.

Jonas Grimfelt

OK, this was the first time I used rebasing, so I'm not really sure if I did right. Could anyone tell? o_o (been avoiding such fancy Git-stuff)

José Valim

It didn't work :P But since I got fewer conflicts, I handled that myself! Thanks Grimen! :)

This issue was closed.
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