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OrderedHash as collection not recognized as Hash #49

dbackeus opened this Issue · 2 comments

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For hard coded options for select fields I like to go with hashes since they map very nicely to the select option concept (key -> values). But since the Ruby 1.8 hash is not ordered I always use OrderedHash instead (sudo gem install orderedhash).

Formtastic didn't recognize it as a Hash at line 1075 of formtastic.rb:
collection = collection.to_a if collection.instance_of?(Hash)

I did a simple local hack and changed instance_of? to is_a?:
collection = collection.to_a if collection.is_a?(Hash)

So now the OrderedHash'es are working just fine as hashes. I didn't run any test suites against it or anything. If you agree it's a good idea I hope to see it in master.


is_a? is "in most cases" what one wants for this kind of checks, yes. +1


fixed in 40dc631, thanks!

This issue was closed.
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