gem does not bundle spec/* #535

ueno opened this Issue Apr 25, 2011 · 2 comments

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Sorry if this is intentional, the current gem seems not to contain files under spec/*:

$ gem unpack formtastic-1.2.3.gem
$ du -a formtastic-1.2.3 | grep spec
zsh: done du -a formtastic-1.2.3 |
zsh: exit 1 grep --color=auto spec

I recently packaged the gem for Fedora, where every rubygem* package is recommended to run test suite when building,
It would be nice if the test suite is included.


Could you submit a pull request?

Switching to gemspec generated by bundler would be great :)


Happy to have the test suite included if it's usefull (it was excluded because I couldn't see any reason to include it), but I'm not going to do the work any time soon . Will happily accept a pull request, closing for now.

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