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[PATCH] Allow translations to use different word ordering for commit button text #55

l15n opened this Issue · 5 comments

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The current commit button text generation doesn't use interpolation, so languages that have a different word ordering from English are forced to override the button label text. This can be solved pretty easily by using Rails I18n's interpolation feature.

Patch here:


The reason the new I18n lookup features haven't been adopted to the buttons is that there's sort of a question mark whether the button DSL needs an update to support additional actions, and/or options. This could work as a temporary solution though.


I see. In the meantime, this should be the easiest thing that could possibly work, as such.


Grimen, if we can get this in to keep the current API "complete", that'd be great. Then we can design the big beast ASAP :)


Yes, I didn't plan to touch anything relating to that myself until we know which direction to go - so no worries! ;)


pulled in, thanks!

This issue was closed.
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