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I18n Country Select #571

t0ben opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Please support also localized_country_select so a full I18n support is available.
Also this module is quite more up to date an fetches the offcial ISO Codes.
( )

Thank You !


Should be easy to modify CountryInput to look for localized_country_select as well as just country_select, assuming they both have the same or similar params and options.


localized_country_select didn't receive an update since August 04, 2010.

Still working?

I never used a country input on my applications.

Which is the most used these days?

They respond to country_select?


@t0ben does the plugin you're suggesting still "work" with Rails 3.1 and all the new toys? If so this is an easy addition. If not, well, there's no point :)


I'm closing this issue - it's been dormant for 4 months now, the reference to a maintained version of country_select has been updated a few days ago.

If there's the need for a country_select plugins that translated the country names there are maintained gems like carmen that are compatible to the original country_select implementation and can be used with formtastic.

@yabawock yabawock closed this
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