not showing correct values for fields with composed_of (money) #645

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ilyakatz commented Aug 6, 2011

i have a model that uses money gem to treat one of the fields as money, with the following definition

composed_of :default_rate,
:class_name => "Money",
:mapping => [%w(default_rate cents), %w(currency currency_as_string)],
:converter => :convert_to_money

so in database the value would be 1500 to represent $15.00

however, when i use semantic_form_for, it seems that form displays the value that is in database (1500) which is not correct. do you mind if append the wiki to give a suggestion on how to correctly show money values with semantic_form_for?


justinfrench commented Aug 7, 2011

Sure thing @ilyakatz, no permission needed there, although please make sure I've seen what you contribute, because it might help me think of a way to support this in the app by default. will close this for now since there's no code change at this point.


justinfrench commented Aug 9, 2011

Perfect. With Formtastic 2 I would recommend :as => :money with a new MoneyInput (probably subclassing NumberInput?). Have added an issue for 2.1 or beyond #649.

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