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Required marker (*) is printed multiple times upon form reload. #815

jan0sch opened this Issue Mar 1, 2012 · 5 comments

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jan0sch commented Mar 1, 2012


I just created a new rails app (3.2.1) and are using formtastic 2.10 (for the first time. before I was using 2.0.x).
My forms are rendered correctly so far but if I hit the reload button in the browser or submit the form with errors the required markers in the required fields are printed more than once. In fact they increase upon every reload.

I have to logout, restart my rails app and log back in to get rid of them.

Example Form:

Title* : input

Hit Reload

Title** : input

Submit form without title

Title*** : input

Switch to another page and click upon "new foo" which brings up the new form

Title*** : input

Any ideas?


I just ran into the exact same issue running a project on Rails 3.0.11, formtastic 2.1.0. I'm reverting to 2.0.2 until the issue is corrected.

nashby commented Mar 1, 2012

@jan0sch can you provide an application that reproduces the issue? Because I can't reproduce it :(

jan0sch commented Mar 2, 2012

The app is a company app therefore I can't share it. I just created a new app and there the error does not show up. I'll try to investigate this more next week. Hopefully I can reproduce it or find the cause.


@rchampourlier @nashby @jan0sch This was indeed a bug in 2.1.0, and has been fixed in master (see 4d5254d and 99193e0, merged in pull #805). I've also pushed 2.1.1 gem and merge master into 2.1-stable. Closing!


Thanks for the fast update!

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