Documentation in README is out of date #882

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When using the inputs shown at the :date_time_select :date_select and :time_select input types appear to be improperly documented.
While using these inputs as such:
<%= f.inputs :for => :schdeules do |schedule| %> <%= schedule.input :starts_at, :as => :time_select %> <% end %>

I received the error:


After changing the input to
<%= f.inputs :for => :schdeules do |schedule| %> <%= schedule.input :starts_at, :as => :time %> <% end %>

It appeared to work properly. It is worth noting that I have only tested this while in use with has_many association. I am using formtastic via active admin as well for what its worth. If any more information would be useful please let me know.


justinfrench commented Aug 28, 2012

What version of Formtastic are you using? The changes to these inputs were introduced in 2.2.0.rc, so if you're on an older version, you'd also need to look at an older version of the README. Closing for now, but if I've missed something, please re-open.

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