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Incorrect multiple select field in Rails 4 #905

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Dan Arnfield Anton Ageev Justin French
Dan Arnfield

Rails 4 has changed the way multiple select fields are generated. I have Document and Author classes in a habtm relationship. When I make a form for the Document class like this:

<%= semantic_form_for @document do |f| %>
    <%= f.inputs do %>
        <%= f.input :authors %>

It generates html like this:

<li class="select input optional" id="document_authors_input">
    <input name="document[author_ids][]" type="hidden" value="">
    <label class=" label" for="document_author_ids">Authors</label>
    <input name="document[author_ids][][]" type="hidden" value="">
    <select id="document_author_ids" multiple="multiple" name="document[author_ids][][]">

Rails adds its own hidden field, and more importantly, it adds its own "[]" to the field name after the one that Formtastic adds. This breaks things like @document.update_attributes(params[:document]) in the controller.

A workaround is to add these options to the input:

<%= semantic_form_for @document do |f| %>
    <%= f.inputs do %>
        <%= f.input :authors, include_hidden: false, input_html: { name: "document[author_ids]" } %>

All this also applies to models in has_many relationships.

Anton Ageev

I got same issue with rails from 3-2-stable branch.

Justin French

I've just tried this out on master, and I believe the [][] issues is already resolved:

<input name="post[section_id][]" type="hidden" value="" />
<label class="label" for="post_section_id">Section</label>
<input name="post[section_id][]" type="hidden" value="" />
<select id="post_section_id" multiple="multiple" name="post[section_id][]">
  <option value="1">Name</option>
  <option value="2">Name 2</option>

I've created a separate issue #945 for the multiple hidden fields (which I don't consider a blocker for a new Rails 4 compatible gem release) so that we can close this one off.

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