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Feature Request: Easy way to add custom form helpers #963

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Can we have an easy way to use custom form helpers like or with formtastic please? I'm not confident adding them as custom inputs myself based on


Given an endless list of form helpers out there, this seems like mission impossible :)

Custom Inputs are my answer.

For recurring_select, I think Custom Inputs are a great fit, and probably not a lot more involved than what we did for Formtastic's CountryInput (

I'm not 100% confident this will work, but in order to find out, someone needs to make a start. That person is you :)

I haven't looked, enumerated might also be easy, but I think each helper would need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis to figure out how best to integrate. The way to build confidence is to make a move and see where things break. Try to make it fit your app, tell us where it breaks, then we can find a way to help.

Closing this for now, feel free to open a new specific issue, or re-open this with general stuff that might help you uncover what you need to know to try to implement either of these.


Actually closing this time :)

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