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2.3.0.rc2 was released in July, and very little has changed on master since then: 2.3.0.rc2...691560c. Is there anything blocking a proper 2.3.0 release? I'd love to help if that's the case 🐱


G'day, @seanlinsley, thanks for jumping in! Here's a quick brainstorm:

  • check the change log is up to date
  • Given Rails 4.1 is in beta, I think Util.rails4_0 should be changed to Util.rails4 until we find an explicit need to differentiate
  • basic confirmation that it "works" in a modern Rails project
  • bump the version
  • green build
  • generate the gem & push it (which only I can do at the moment)

I'll gladly accept help to get that over the line, thank you!

I don't think there's any missing functionality. An optional step if you're really keen is to review open PRs or issues for anything that makes a lot of sense to include in the release.


@grk thanks — i originally interpreted that piece of code as only need a "> 4.0", but I think you're right, that's a really specific case we'll need.

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