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Always includes blank on select if use_required_attribute = true #997

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I can't remove the blank option from the select tags when use_required_attribute is being used. I tried to remove it locally:

<%= f.input :activity, as: :select, include_blank: false %>

and also changing the global configuration:

Formtastic::FormBuilder.include_blank_for_select_by_default = false

Unfortunately, none of these approaches worked as expected. The only whey to make it work is turning off the usage of the required attribute:

#Formtastic::FormBuilder.use_required_attribute = true


  • Rails 4.0.0
  • Formtastic 2.2.1

I'd love to help on this one, but we have specs that cover this and I'm having a hard time figuring out where this has gone wrong for you.

Here's the code path once we hit SelectInput:

      def to_html
        input_wrapping do
          hidden_input <<
          label_html <<
          (options[:group_by] ? grouped_select_html : select_html)

Assuming this is not a multi-select:

      def select_html, collection, input_options, input_html_options)
      def input_options
        super.merge :include_blank => (include_blank unless prompt?)

So, include_blank is where it gets interesting:

      def include_blank
        options.key?(:include_blank) ? options[:include_blank] : (single? && builder.include_blank_for_select_by_default)

If you have : include_blank => false and you haven't provided a :prompt in your input options, we pass :include_blank => false to (a standard Rails helper). I can't see anywhere that the use_required_attribute would impact this. I'm puzzled.

So, let's rule some stuff out:

  1. Is the view code you've show an exact copy-past from your view, or is there more to the puzzle?
  2. Is it a single select or a multi?
  3. Is this a new bug in old code, or a bug in new code?
  4. Are you using :prompt?
  5. Is there a bug in Rails' — can you get that to work? Was there a change to in Rails 4?
  6. Can you do a bundle open formtastic, edit SelectInput#select_html to inspect input_options?

Closing due to inactivity. Feel free to re-open with new information.

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