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Add docs badge to README #1000

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Hi there,

this patch adds a docs badge to the README to show off inline-documentation to the casual visitor: Inline docs

It links to Inch Pages, a project that tries to raise the visibility of documentation in Ruby projects. The status page for Formtastic is

Inch Pages is still in it's infancy, but already used by projects like Reek and libnotify.

What do you think?


Looks like this needs to be rebased or merged against master, but I'm not thrilled with the method of evaluating documentation. It seems to be method based rather than class based. I've poured a heap of effort into documenting high level classes, modules and the small number of public helpers that a user of this library would actively use.

Maybe there's a code smell in there, but it doesn't strike me as a great evaluation of our documentation.

Anyhoo, would likely merge if it applies cleanly, but I'm not going to go out of my way right now. Please re-open if you're still keen to pursue!

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Add docs badge to README #1013

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Commits on Feb 25, 2014
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    Add docs badge to README

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h1. Formtastic
+!!: !!:
Formtastic is a Rails FormBuilder DSL (with some other goodies) to make it far easier to create beautiful, semantically rich, syntactically awesome, readily stylable and wonderfully accessible HTML forms in your Rails applications.
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