Remove custom_inline_order configuration and mention in initializer template since its no longer used #840

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Just for now

@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@ def self.configure(name, value = nil)
configure :label_str_method, :humanize
configure :collection_label_methods, %w[to_label display_name full_name name title username login value to_s]
configure :collection_value_methods, %w[id to_s]
- configure :custom_inline_order, {}
configure :file_methods, [ :file?, :public_filename, :filename ]
configure :file_metadata_suffixes, ['content_type', 'file_name', 'file_size']
configure :priority_countries, ["Australia", "Canada", "United Kingdom", "United States"]
@@ -49,12 +49,6 @@
# Formtastic::FormBuilder.collection_label_methods = [
# "to_label", "display_name", "full_name", "name", "title", "username", "login", "value", "to_s"]
-# Additionally, you can customize the order for specific types of inputs.
-# This is configured on a type basis and if a type is not found it will
-# fall back to the default order as defined by #inline_order
-# Formtastic::FormBuilder.custom_inline_order[:checkbox] = [:errors, :hints, :input]
-# Formtastic::FormBuilder.custom_inline_order[:select] = [:hints, :input, :errors]
# Specifies if labels/hints for input fields automatically be looked up using I18n.
# Default value: true. Overridden for specific fields by setting value to true,
# i.e. :label => true, or :hint => true (or opposite depending on initialized value)