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Fixed problem with formtastic-bootstrap gem, in trying to make it work with formtastic 2.2.


This pull request fails (merged 3d1cb89 into 6378c45).


@kristianmandrup hi, this diff looks okay, but I'm not sure why it's needed. can you go into a little more detail? why is the fix in formtastic instead of formtastic-bootstrap?


At one point it complained that a constant FormtasticBootstrap::X::Y::Z::Rails didn't exist. I later discovered it was because Rails was not defined when running the specs. the FormtasticBootstrap spec_helper.rb simply needed to be changed in order to ensure that a Rails app is defined, much like you do in the formtastic equivalent :)


I still don't understand why this fix/change is in formtastic instead of formtastic-bootstrap, since you keep talking about formtastic-bootstrap ;)


Closing due to lack of activity, still not clear to me if it's a formtastic-bootstrap issue, or ours.

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