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2.2 Compatibility

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  • We’re only testing Formtastic with the latest Rails 2.x stable release. Patches are welcome to allow backwards compatibility with older versions of Rails, of course.
  • Development of a Rails 2 and 3 compatible version of Formtastic is underway in the rails3 branch, targeting a Formtastic 1.1 release shortly after Rails 3.0 ships.
  • Formtastic, much like Rails 2, is very ActiveRecord-centric. Many people are using Formtastic (especially the rails3 branch) successfully with other ActiveModel-like ORMs and classes (DataMapper, MongoMapper, Mongoid, Authlogic, Devise…) but we’re not guaranteeing anything at this stage. Patches are welcome, but it’s not our core focus right now. Shipping a solid 1.0 and Rails 3 compatible 1.1 is.
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