Add ons, plugins and tools

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Some relevant and useful additions:

SASS-stylesheets – for even more pretty styled forms in all browsers (mixins for different form layouts, etc.)

TextMate-bundle for Formtastic:

In-place editor for Formtastic:

ValidationReflection – for auto detecting :required options in inputs fields by checking the validations on the model (only required with Rails 2)

ClientSideValidations-Formtastic the Formtastic plugin for ClientSideValidations:

Formtastic jRails Autocomplete – An input plugin for Formtastic to render autocomplete fields automagically using jQuery:

E9s – i18n additions:

Formtastic Without ActiveRecord – A guide to using Formtastic on forms that don’t have an ActiveRecord/ActiveModel model:

Formtastic With Twitter Bootstrap – A gem that generates Twitter Bootstrap-friendly HTML using Formtastic.

Pwdcalc – A gem to create password field/-strength meter combinations:

formtastic_image – An input plugin for formtastic to render file fields with an image preview for paperclip attachments:

canvas to image – An input plugin to use a canvas for drawings (mostly autographs). the drawing will be submitted to the server
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