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Formtastic is a Ruby on Rails form builder plugin with a sweet DSL to pump out semantically rich and accessible markup. It’s deliciously close to 1.0!

The README is awesome

First place to look for info is the Formtastic README and in this wiki, where I’m working on things like Troubleshooting.

There’s now a Google Group

If you have questions about using Formtastic, or would like to suggest new features, please join the Formtastic Google Group

We’re talking a bit about what will make it into 1.0

Although poorly named, the Wishlist seems to be the place I’m keeping track of the suggestions right now.

If you’re using Formtastic…

Please let us know by adding a link to In The Wild.

Donate your time (or your money)

I love working on this plugin, but it’ll be far more awesome with your help. If you’re using Formtastic on a commercial project and it’s saved you some time —or if you’re just flush with cash — you can donate money through pledgie, but your time is just as important, which is lucky, because no one ever donates money to opensource projects anyway :)

Rigorous testing and feedback from real projects is always appreciated, the wiki could use some tutorials or “getting started” guides, the documentation is good but could always be better, and you could always fork the project and start work on some new features.

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