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@joallard joallard Add required field i18n Jul 13, 2016 2c2c24d
@cpimhoff cpimhoff clarified how to pass HTML options into a button Apr 4, 2016 67d7f42
@mikz mikz start Custom Class Finders wiki page Mar 26, 2016 49d4ecf
@tinogomes tinogomes Updated 7.3 Example iefixes.css (textile) Jul 4, 2015 6b23eb7
@tinogomes tinogomes Updated 7.3 Example iefixes.css (textile) Jul 4, 2015 974cd3e
@tinogomes tinogomes Fixing Wiki for iefixes.css examples Jul 4, 2015 f5e0f7e
@kerrizor kerrizor Fix broken markdown preventing links from being displayed properly Jun 30, 2015 c3c0637
@justinfrench justinfrench It's `<%=` instead of `<%` for block helpers in newer Rails versions May 22, 2015 8733abc
@davidjsevans davidjsevans Update Formtastic::SemanticFormBuilder to Formtastic::FormBuilder Mar 24, 2015 0b0d3d1
@mikz mikz Link to master branch documentation Nov 21, 2014 5ebe8e8
@TimMoore TimMoore Fix a typo. Nov 21, 2014 130ad59
@justinfrench justinfrench Suggest re-generating initializer Nov 20, 2014 68f15b6
@justinfrench justinfrench Separate upgrade instructions and general information Nov 20, 2014 10e2471
@mikz mikz Explain how class finding works and how to upgrade. Nov 20, 2014 0a23e5a
@timoschilling timoschilling list mamber_value behind member_label Oct 16, 2014 9a710fe
@justinfrench justinfrench placeholder wiki page for upgrading instructions, so we have something to link to Sep 10, 2014 a12ecd8
@lucianosousa lucianosousa Added Portuguese link Sep 10, 2014 1c31dec
@markGiansanti markGiansanti Created 71 example rendered html (markdown) Jun 26, 2014 6ef8064
@yoprst yoprst typo "after_inititalize" Mar 14, 2014 5d7c065
@jmpage jmpage Fix some spelling, apostraphes Dec 20, 2013 98cbf84
@jmpage jmpage Change :label_method to :member_label and :value_method to :member_value Dec 20, 2013 a1b4147
@leemour leemour Updated Translations (markdown) Oct 23, 2013 5e44cb5
@ancorcruz ancorcruz Simpler with conditional assignment. Jul 25, 2013 83a1e9b
@camfowler camfowler Updated Upgrading to Formtastic 2.0 (markdown) Jun 27, 2013 fcc0223
@belt belt s/label_method/member_label/; s/value_method/member_value/ # from: http://rubydoc.info/gems/formtastic/Formtastic/Helpers/InputHelper May 31, 2013 e9d1870
@CodingFu CodingFu Updated Add ons, plugins and tools (textile) May 1, 2013 d726708
@javierjulio javierjulio Updated Upgrading to Formtastic 2.0 (markdown) Apr 9, 2013 e193aa3
@foliosus foliosus Updated 3 Formtastic Inputs (textile) Mar 19, 2013 64a43ea
fu-media Updated Add ons, plugins and tools (textile) Jan 30, 2013 cc8be77
fu-media added canvas to image Jan 30, 2013 9633625