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Here’s a bunch of helpers I find myself needing every time I start up a new Rails project. Mostly, it’s just some nicer DSL wrappers around the content_for patterns we all use to get get content up from the view to the layout in a Rails application (for titles, etc).

In your view

Eg: app/views/posts/show.html.erb

 <% title @post.title %>
 <% description @post.description %>
 <% keywords @post.tags.join(", ") %>
 <% copyright @post.user.full_name %>

In your layout

      <%= title_tag "optional default title here", :prefix => "optional prefix text", :suffix => "optional suffix text" %>
      <%= description_tag "optional default meta description here" %>
      <%= keywords_tag "optional default meta keywords here" %>
      <%= copyright_tag "optional default meta copyright notice here" %>
      <%= yield %>

And a neat trick for the <body> tag

A block helper for creating body tags is also in there. The id is generated from params[:controller] (eg “posts”), and the class is generated from params[:controller] name and params[:action] (eg “posts show”).

  <% body do %>
  <% end %>

Which pushes out something like this:

  <body id="posts" class="posts show">

You can set the id and class from your views:

  <% body_id "blog" %>
  <% body_class "whatever" %>

You can override the id and class (or any attribute of the <body> tag) too:

  <% body :id => "blog", :class => "whatever", :onload => "party()" do %>
  <% end %>

There’s always a TODO List

  • might write some tests!
  • probably try to distill the way I do tabs too

Blah blah blah blah

Copyright © 2009 Justin French, released under the MIT license.