Empty fields' template variables in "To:" header are replaced by the template variable name #172

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elbaby commented Jul 28, 2011

I want to use field template variables in the "To:" header, so I put:

<!-- tmpl_var subscriber.first_name --> <!-- tmpl_var subscriber.last_name -->

However, since I just imported my addresses from an old (field-less) dada release, most of the addresses don't have values in those fields.

I did create all the entries in the dada_profile_fields table, but the first_name, last_name fields were null.

When I sent a message, the actual To: header I got looked like this:

To: "<!-- tmpl_var subscriber.first_name --> <!-- tmpl_var subscriber.last_name -->" <address@example.net>

When I expected something like this:

To: <address@example.net>

or like this:

To: " " <address@example.net>

In the few addresses that had the fields filled in, the result was OK:

To: "First Last" <other_address@example.net>

Anyway, I thought there might've been some problem with the NULL values in the database, so I manually run a couple of updates to replace NULL's with empty strings.

I got the exact same result.

I did one more try, by updating the values with one blank character strings to no avail. I always got the awful header:

To: "<!-- tmpl_var subscriber.first_name --> <!-- tmpl_var subscriber.last_name -->" <address@example.net>

I'm using Pro Dada 4.5.2 Stable.

Aside from the workarounds proposed in http://dadamailproject.com/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/archive/dadadev/20110728001005/ it'd be nice to have this fixed (and NULL values should be treated as empty strings).

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