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This has happened with Dada Mail version 8.3.0 a number of times and now, today with version 8.4.0. I didn't say anything with Version 8.3.0 because I figured it would go away in the next version (and I just didn't get around to it).

A little background: I have an email set up to let me know that all the emails went out. Since the mailing list mails by alphabetical order I created an email with the name of: zzzzzzzcontrol@csamanewsletter.org.

I have not done ANYTHING since the 15th, 2015 with Data mail, particularly that particular subscription. I send out a mailing once a month and the last time was August 15th, 2015 I have received the following email:

From: bouncehandler-zzzzzzzcontrol=csamanewsletter.org@csamanewsletter.org [mailto:bouncehandler-zzzzzzzcontrol=csamanewsletter.org@csamanewsletter.org] On Behalf Of CSAMA Newsletter
Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2015 12:54 AM
To: CSAMA Newsletter Subscriber zzzzzzzcontrol@csamanewsletter.org
Subject: CSAMA Newsletter - You Are Already Subscribed


This message has been sent to you because a request to subscribe:


to the list:

CSAMA Newsletter

was just made. This email address is actually already subscribed, so you do not have to subscribe again. This message has been sent to protect your privacy and only allow this information to be available to you.

If you would like to change your subscription, please visit this address:


If the above URL is inoperable, make sure that you have copied the entire address. Some mail readers will wrap a long URL and thus break this automatic unsubscribe mechanism.

To contact the owner of this email list, please use contact page at:


No one on that mailing list has told me that they revived a similar email, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. What is going on?



This is still happening. It is erratic. I just got one yesterday but didn't have one in a long time. I have not interacted with the sign up page, so I don't' know what is triggering this.

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