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Hi Justin! I just discovered a weird issue and hope you can help.

On the "Email Message Templates" page, I've added some stuff to the footer of my mailouts, including links... here's the relevant part of that text:

<p><a href="">MISSING WOMEN</a> &bull; <a href="">THE LOST OPERAS OF MOZART</a> &bull; <a href="">PAULINE</a> &bull; <a href="">FALLUJAH</a> &bull; <a href="">SUMIDAGAWA & CURLEW RIVER</a> &bull; <a href="">THE EMPEROR OF ATLANTIS</a> &bull; <a href="">CARMINA BURANA</a> &bull; <a href="">CONCERTS & RECITALS</a></p>

In the mailout, for me they all work fine but for my client, the last one, "Concerts & Recitals", weirdly goes to my Dada Mail signup page, "Subscribe to a Mailing List".

I checked the source link on both his and my machine, and I see that these links are encoded somehow, presumably for link-tracking purposes, BUT... the format of them seems to be quite different on our respective machines. The last two links look like this on his:

The second one being the "Concerts & Recitals" link which goes to the wrong place.

On my version of the message, the same 2 links look like this:!--%20tmpl_var%20subscriber.email_name%20--%3E/%3C!--%20tmpl_var%20subscriber.email_domain%20--%3E/!--%20tmpl_var%20subscriber.email_name%20--%3E/%3C!--%20tmpl_var%20subscriber.email_domain%20--%3E/

Very different!

And for me, they both work, i.e. they go to their respective links as expected.

Any advice?


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