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GitHub Action / Docker container for s3_website

GitHub Action and Docker container to run s3_website

Docker Usage

This container has been published to Docker Hub and can be used as a container. To run it, you'd run something like:

-e S3_BUCKET -e AWS_CLOUDFRONT_DISTRIBUTION --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)",target=/site,readonly 
justinharringa/s3_website push --site _site

If you don't pass any arguments you'll see the equivalent of s3_website help. Note that you'll mount your host location into /site and will also need to pass in any environment variables that your s3_website.yml or s3_website itself requires.

Docker Hub - justinharringa/s3_website

GitHub Actions Usage

The following example uses this GitHub Action to push the contents of the build folder to an S3 bucket and update a CloudFront distribution. It still requires that you provide an s3_website.yml such as s3_website.yml.

workflow "Main" {
  on = "push"
  resolves = ["s3_website push"]

action "s3_website push" {
  uses = "justinharringa/actions-s3_website@master"
  args = "push --site build"


I have been using s3_website for quite some time and it works great (huge thanks to Lauri Lehmijoki / Philippe Creux!!). I am giving GitHub Actions a shot and want to use s3_website within a Docker container both in GitHub Actions and also for some other workflows where I don't really want to have to worry about making sure the Java/Ruby bits are correct and available. Thus far, this seems to work out quite well. Ideally, I'd like to contribute the Dockerfile to s3_website.

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