Simple clojurescript web site to convert to and from Roman Numerals
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A simple client side app to convert decimal to Roman numerals written in clojurescript


The actual functions that convert to and from Roman Numerals are exercises I did as part of the 4Clojure puzzles below. As such I didn't spend much time making the code readable or worrying too much about whether it's a perfect implementation of converting numbers. The main goal of this project was to identify a problem small enough to do in a few hours to get started with Clojurescript development.

Read Roman Numerals

Write Roman Numerals

See the source code main.cljs for some links that helped me out getting started with Clojurescript.

How this app was made

Having installed Leiningen I created a new project with 'lein new roman'

I then edited the project.clj to add the dependencies I needed and especially to set up lein-cljsbuild which enables you to build cljs code easily.

The html is in roman.html and the javascript is compiled into the javascripts folder from the Clojurescript in the src/cljs folder.

I had a terminal with the comman 'lein cljsbuild auto' running, so that any changes to the cljs files are compiled to javascript.


Copyright © 2013 Justin Heyes-Jones

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.