Simple PGP-verified web/email dice roller for play-by-post or similar games.
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Gradia Verified Dice Server

This is a little script I wrote in a couple hours, inspired by other verified
dice web applications out there. Other scripts require you check a roll on the
site itself, either by cut and pasting into a form, or by finding the roll in a
list.  I wanted something I could verify easily by looking at the message in my
mail reader, and so I used PGP to sign the message and ensure its validity.
Note that I also provide a signature-checker form, for when you don't use or
have access to PGP.

	1. Python (2.6+ probably)
	2. GnuPG
	3. gnupg python module (apt-get install python-gnupginterface)
	4. An SMTP server to relay email

To install, just copy dice and dice_verify to a directory that allows running
CGI. Then install the dice_data directory somewhere outside of your web root.
Edit to point to where you installed dice_data, as well as to
configure mail sending.

Then set up dice_data as a GPG homedir with a new key: 

  gpg --homedir PATH_TO_DICE_DATA --gen-key

Make sure to set the key's email address to be the same as the MAIL_SENDER in

That should be it! If you've got questions, feel free to contact me at