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Install git first

  • You have to move .gitconfig manually and set appropriate name for the machine, this is only done once for that machine anyways.
  • If magit suddenly stops working on windows, run this on cmd
    git config --global credential.helper wincred

This is a repository for my config files

Here you can find my

  • Emacs configuration
  • Custom functions I have written and collected for emacs
  • My CS:GO autoexec config
  • My git configuration
  • My snippets - Usable with YASnippets
  • A small script in vbs to start emacs daemon during startup completely hiding the console window for windows.
  • My shell aliases
  • KeyBoard Config for the K70 RGB Keyboard


Get Dropbox, since agenda file is located in there, emacs will bug you if it can’t find it. After logging in and syncing all you contents set DROPBOX_DIR to point to the root of Dropbox directory.

Since generally some environment varibles are specific to the machine, edit file:./lisp/machine-specific.el and move it to ~ directory manually, this is only done once really.

  • For Linux
    • If you have a Linux system good to go install emacs, run the file and take a break when emacs does work for you.
    • Emacs daemon can be run as service, copies the service file
  • For windows
    • Move wifi-on-off.vbs to startup folder, only do this if you have a desktop and you are using a wi-fi still and you want to play CS:GO with a good ping.
    • Install CUE for managing your keyboard profiles and import K70_CUE2.cuefolder.
    • Remember the paths in the registry files should be changed to the correct paths before adding them, you might even break windows without doing that.
    • To pin emacsclient on the taskbar, run runemacs.exe, pin it to taskbar, change properties. This will emacs daemon on the first click and start a client, if the daemon is running start the client
      • Target to =”C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU Emacs\bin\emacsclientw.exe” -c -a “”=
      • Start in directory =”C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU Emacs\bin”=
  • For OS X
    • Install Brew.
    • Install Aspell from brew using brew install aspell
    • Install Ghostscript to view pdfs in DocView brew install gs
    • Install emacs from
    • Run the

PS: To get to the startup folder on windows open the run window (Windows button + R) and write shell:startup.

Environment variables to be added

  • DROPBOX_DIR, should point to the root of Dropbox like D:\Dropbox
  • FLUTTER_ROOT, should point to the root of flutter sdk path like D:\Dev\flutter

Other softwares to install

Add everything to PATH off-course


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