Techniques for cleaning up after closures in Flash (preventing memory leaks)
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#Cleaning up after closures in Flash

This example is an overview of various mechanisms to remove listeners to closures in Flash, thus preventing memory leaks.

Check out the blog post.

##Usage Run the various closure techniques via the application using Flashbuilder's Profiler. Check the usage of the MyTimer class (which is what we're testing). It will increase into a hundred instances (for each item) for all tests, and then after running GC manually, will decrease back to 0 instances.

##Third party dependencies

##Setup instructions

  • Flashbuilder: Run the following maven goal to generate the project files from the pom.

      mvn org.sonatype.flexmojos:flexmojos-maven-plugin:3.9:flashbuilder 
  • IntelliJ: Use the import wizard

##Build instructions To build on your machine via Maven. Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure Maven 3.0.3 + is installed

  2. Install local dependencies (add them to your local repository)

     cd libs
     mvn install:install-file 
  3. Build

     mvn clean install