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A custom email marketing system for Mentoring Minds. Built with MJML, React, and HTML.
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Mentoring Minds Mail

A custom email marketing system with nearly a dozen templates to cover all touchpoints and communication funnels. Including lead generation, customer nurture, event, product, content, and more. All templates work seamlessly with the Marketo platform and take advantage of their dynamic fields/syntax. Letting team members to easily create, customize, and deploy emails without the assistance of a developer.

Please note:

This repository is for portfolio purposes only and is not the official repo for this project. It does not include all of the templates mentioned, links, Marketo syntax, or any information sensitive to Mentoring Minds.

Browser Preview:

These templates will not resize correctly in the browser, but are mobile-friendly! To view mobile versions, you'll need to use a mobile device. As the responsive queries are targetting screens and not window width.

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