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Extended synonymn files for ExLibris Primo

Note: these synonymns are additional ones, seperate from the eng_Synonynms file that comes with Primo


  • Extend the default Primo synonym files to cover British English (en_GB, en_AU, en_NZ, en_CA, etc..)
  • Currently primo only 2 way synonym search for very common US/UK English words like 'color' and 'colour'
  • Meaning if you search for either colour or color you will see the same results
  • But it you search for other normal US/UK works it wont work
    • if you search for 'behaviour' it will NOT show results for 'behavior'
    • if you search for 'behavior' it will show results for 'behaviour'
  • This repository of UK/US synonyms means that your primo can now do 2 way synonym search for hundreds of other synonymns
  • So
    • if you search for 'behaviour' it WILL show results for 'behavior'
    • if you search for 'behavior' it WILL show results for 'behaviour'


  • I needed to boost/add/modify to the standard synonyms

How to implement in Primo

Copy the english_userSynonyms.txt to the Primo synonyms directory at /exlibris/primo/p4_1/ng/jaguar/home/profile/analysis/synonyms/userSynonyms and then execute a Deploy All in the Primo Back Office

Custom synonyms

You can add new synonyms into the custom_synonyms.txt file in the Primo format - such as

connection = connexion (very high)
connexion = connection (very high)

Refer the Primo Technical Guide for more info on ranking synonyms etc..

How to run

Run ./

You will then be asked

Do you want to include the British English synonyms file? (y/n)

If you enter 'y' to this question, it will use the english_userSynonyms.txt file included

Then it will ask if you for your custom synonyms file

Please enter a file name of your custom synonyms file, default is custom_synonyms.txt

If you leave this blank it will use the custom_synonyms.txt file

The script will now merge the english_userSynonyms.txt with the custom_synonyms.txt file and save it as userSynonyms

To immplement this in Primo - copy the userSynonyms file to /exlibris/primo/p4_1/ng/jaguar/home/profile/analysis/synonyms/ and to a Deploy All in primo


Format a synonyms file to be correctly tabulated

cat english_userSynonyms.txt | sed '/^$/d' | sed 's/=/ = /g' | awk '{printf "%-30s%-2s%-30s%s %s\n", $1,$2,$3,$4,$5}'