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Dominator is an in-browser tree structured XML/XHTML editor written in jQuery. It forces the user to write valid XML syntax, making it impossible to write malformed XML. For example, a user can edit text in a text node but any text inserted gets XML escaped so the user sees literally what they typed and can’t insert nodes manually. Also the user can’t accidentally erase an opening or closing angle bracket, thus messing up the page.

At the present time, Dominator doesn’t work with DTDs or Schemas to validate grammar.

What Dominator allows the user to do

  • Select and edit text in text nodes but not enter HTML tags manually
  • Add, edit and remove attributes
  • Insert XML tags inside text nodes by selecting text and typing in the node name
  • Remove XML tags, preserving text inside them
  • Remove all tags inside a tag leaving the text only
  • Select adjacent blocks of XML, displaying the output on the side
  • Selected XML may be cut, copied and pasted either inside a text node or into a node of its own
  • Selected XML may be wrapped inside another tag which also gets selected

What Dominator prevents the user from doing

  • Manually typing XML inside text nodes. All text gets escaped.
  • Forgetting to match opening and closing tags

Dominator files

Dominator comes with 2 javascript files: jquery.dom.js and jquery.dom_view.js and 1 css file style.css


is the “model”, the core of the program containing all the logic to make stuff happen.


is the “view”, which displays the output. This file can be edited to change the look of the page.


contains all the color highlighting information