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JS SQL Parse


Currently a work in progress: The end goal is to be able to parse and analyze general sql queries.


JS SQL Parse uses Nearley to parse strings. The grammar is defined in


Run tests using npm run test


The test files in ./tests are the best place to see examples of use. A basic example is:

const parser = require('js-sql-parser');
const result = parser.parse('select * from test_table');

The result of the parse method will have the following fields:

  • referencedTables: a list of tables used in the query
  • createdTables: a list of tables created in the query
  • sourceTables: a list of tables sourced in subqueries and joins
  • operation: the operation defined in the query - currently only select and create_view are supported
  • parsed: the resulting parse tree
  • joins: a list of joins within the query, and the columns used