Non RESTful Controllers

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You can use CanCan with controllers that do not follow the traditional show/new/edit/destroy actions, however you cannot use the load_and_authorize_resource method. Instead you will need to authorize! each action manually.

For example, let's say we have a controller which does some miscellaneous administration tasks such as rolling log files. We can use the authorize! method here.

class AdminController < ActionController::Base
  def roll_logs
    authorize! :roll, :logs
    # roll the logs here

And then authorize that in the Ability class.

can :roll, :logs if user.admin?

Notice you can pass a symbol as the second argument to both authorize! and can. It doesn't have to be a model class or instance. Generally the first argument is the "action" one is trying to perform and the second argument is the "subject" the action is being performed on. It can be anything.