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Running tests on model fails to return results. #7

ekampp opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Emil Kampp Kris Leech
Emil Kampp

Hi there.

My problem is, that after setting up the application (as per your instructions in the readme), I can't make my model specs return a proper sunspot search result set.

I have the following test, written i rspec, on an education model, which fails.

describe ".search", solr: true do
  let(:educations) { [ create(:education, name: "Folkeskolen 9. kl") ] }
  before{ educations }
  subject do do
      fulltext "Folkeskolen 9. kl"
  its(:results){ should eq educations }

I would have expected the results method to return a set of the actual educations in the database (I have checked, they are there!) but it doesn't.

Is there something I'm missing, or is this in fact unwanted behaviour?

// Emil

Kris Leech

@ekampp Do you still need help with this? And if so, is it something you can still provide feedback on?

Emil Kampp

No, thank you, though.

I completely forgot about this ticket. I will close it, since it's no longer relevant.

Emil Kampp ekampp closed this
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